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Non financial services




 TO 02.28.2017

Measures carried out Number of recipient
Small businesses management training 85 017
Global Financial Education training 73 058
GET AHEAD training program 838
General themes on creation and management of a small business 1 257
Number of trained promoters 160 170
Professional experience validation tests 71 567
Exhibitions 21 897
Number of non-financial services beneficiaries 253 634


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Angem coordinate

  • National Agency for Microcredit Management "ANGEM"
  • Cité 1516 Logts (AADL) Aïn El Malha Tours N° H1-H2-H3 CP: 16105
  • Gué de constantine Alger Algérie
  • Email:  contact@angem.dz
  • Site Web: http://www.angem.dz

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