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Aids and benefits granted

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  • Support, advice, and technical  assistance is provided to the beneficiaries  by ANGEM, for free, within during the  implementation of their activities :
  • An interest-free loan, equivalent to  29%  of the project overall cost may be granted if this later does not exceed 1 000 000 DA
  • For the purchase of raw material  the interest-free  loan  is fixed at 100% of the project’s overall cost  which does not exceed 100 000 DA.
  • Tax benefits:
  1. A total tax exemption on comprehensive income and company profits over a period of three (3) years; 

  2. Exemption from real estate tax, on constructions used for the businesses operated over a period of three (3) years;

  3.  Are exempt from the transfer tax, property acquisitions made by developers for the creation of industrial activities;

  4. Acts on setting up companies created by developers are exempt from all registration fees;

  5. The beneficiaries of the tax exemption on value added, acquisitions of capital goods and services going directly into the realization of the creation of investment;

  6. A tax abatement on the total income tax or corporate income, as well as the tax on professional activity, due at the end of the period of the exemption, for the first three tax years , as following ;

    - The first taxation year, a reduction of 70%;

    - 2nd tax year: a 50% reduction;

    - 3rd year tax: a discount of 25%.

  7. The rights of Customs on imported equipment going directly into the implementation of the investment, are determined by applying a 5% rate

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Angem coordinate

  • National Agency for Microcredit Management "ANGEM"
  • Cité 1516 Logts (AADL) Aïn El Malha Tours N° H1-H2-H3 CP: 16105
  • Gué de constantine Alger Algérie
  • Email:  contact@angem.dz
  • Site Web: https://www.angem.dz

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