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The microcredit program is part of social development aimed by government. This development aims at promoting individuals and populations’ self-reliance capacities, to achieve a decent standard of living and get a significant job, through the implementation of a new social policy, chiefly for the purpose of reducing the social cost of the transition toward a market economy.

In this regard, it is a targeted and participatory support policy, intended as an alternative to assistantship


The recommendations made at the international seminar in December 2002 on "the micro credit experience in Algeria" had led to the creation of ANGEM pursuant to:

  • Presidential Decree No. 11-133 of  March 22nd 2011 on the Micro Credit program; 

  • Executive Decree No. 04-14 of  January 22nd 2004 creating and establishing the status of the National Agency for Management of Micro Credit, modified;

  • Executive Decree No. 11-134 of March22nd 2011 amending Executive Decree No. 04-15 of  January 22nd 2004 laying down the conditions and the level of assistance to beneficiaries of microcredit;

  • Executive Decree No. 04-16 of January 22nd 2004 creating and establishing the status of the Mutual Guarantee Fund for Micro Credits, as amended.



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Angem coordinate

  • National Agency for Microcredit Management "ANGEM"
  • Cité 1516 Logts (AADL) Aïn El Malha Tours N° H1-H2-H3 CP: 16105
  • Gué de constantine Alger Algérie
  • Email:  contact@angem.dz
  • Site Web: https://www.angem.dz

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