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Since 1999, Algeria has adopted microcredit as a tool to help fight poverty. However, five years later, a new structure granting micro loans which is called: the National Agency Management of Microcredit had to be created as another public structure for the economic inclusion of people without access to banking services. Thus, the authorities have shown their willingness and determination to fight poverty.

The international seminar, held in December 2002 with the theme "Experience of Micro Credit in Algeria," confirmed a number of constraints, of these the most significant include:


  • The lack of accompanying and support measures toward promoters during the creation of their small businesses and in monitoring these laters

  • The multitude of interveners in charge of the implementation of the program.


It is in the light of the findings of this seminar, and those from the International Poverty Conference held in 2000, that the "micro credit program - ANGEM" was created.

The birth of the National Agency for Management Microcredit in 2004, is part of the national strategy to fight poverty and insecurity. It came to compensate the identified shortcomings and meet the following imperatives:


  • Granting loans in a decentralized way

  • Simplification of eligibility conditions

  • The adaptation of procedures and implementing rules to the objective conditions of the poor

  • The fluidity of approval and actual granting credit mechanisms, in order to encourage involvement and participation of the poor

  • The sustainability of the system through the establishment of appropriate operating rules,

  • The possibility of meet high demand, especially from housewives, productive families, craftsmen and small farmers and breeders.



ANGEM has been created in a very favourable economic and social environnement. Since 1999, annual growth rates are around 5%, medium and long term external debt is significantly decreasing and the current account is in surplus. National programs are being launched in various areas such as: housing, health, education, agriculture, fishing, public works, etc...

In the same vein, the state has implemented ambitious strategies and projects in order to improve the performances of programs for reduction of unemployment and poverty in rural and urban areas, in the highlands and the far south. These programs aim to propel the employment in these regions and to give a boost to this process of wealth creation and value added. 

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Angem coordinate

  • National Agency for Microcredit Management "ANGEM"
  • Cité 1516 Logts (AADL) Aïn El Malha Tours N° H1-H2-H3 CP: 16105
  • Gué de constantine Alger Algérie
  • Email:  contact@angem.dz
  • Site Web: https://www.angem.dz

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