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Types of activities funded by the micro credit mechanism

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The list of activities, though not exhaustive, is as followed:


  • Alimentary:  Pasta manufacturing, couscous, bread, pastry, traditional cakes, chocolate, confectionary, ice cream manufacturing, coffee roasting and grounds, anchovy packaging ,peanuts roasting and packing .
  • Clothing: Ready-to-wear and clothing business, custom apparel manufacturing, hosiery, knitting, linen manufacturing (bedding, kitchen, furnishing).
  • Leatherworking: Choose and cloth manufacturing.
  • Woodworking: Furniture and wood products, wickerwork.
  • Metalworking: Lock manufacturing, metal fittings.



  • Breeding: Cattle, sheep, goat fattening, meat and milk production, rabbit production, beekeeping.
  • Tillage: Seed production, drying and packaging of fruits and vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants nursery.


Craft industry:

  • Textile: Traditional weaving and tapestry, manufacture of traditional cloths, traditional embroidery, silk, velvet, and glass painting, manufacture of decorative items, pottery, glaziery and woodcarving.



  • Provision of services:  IT service, hairdressing and beauty care, fast food, auto mechanical and various equipment repair.
  • Health: doctor’s office, dentist.
  • Building and public works:  Masonry, small works in building (electricity, paint, plumbing, carpentry), manufacture of breeze-block



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