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Historical overwiew :

Tool in fight against precariousness, the microcredit has allowed the impoverished to have access to improved living conditions by creating their own income-generating business.

Launched for the first time inAlgeriain 1999, the microcredit has allowed the creation of more than 150.000 activities in different sectors.

It has not seen, in its original formula, the desired success by government due to lack of support in the early phase of maturing and monitoring in project achievement.

This finding was noted during the international seminar held in December 2002 on the “microcredit experience inAlgeria”.

The recommendations made during this reunion of microcredit experts have led to the creation of a specialized institution called ‘National Agency for Microcredit Management”, created by the executive decree number 04-14 of 22nd January 2004.

ANGEM and its missions :

An achieving instrument of the government’s policy for the fight against unemployment and job insecurity, the National Agency for the Management of the Microcredit missions are:

  • Managing the microcredit mechanism in accordance with the legislation and regulation in force ;
  • Supporting,advicing and assisting the beneficiaries in the implementation of their activities;
  • Granting interest-free loans;
  • Notifying the beneficiaries whose projects are eligible to the device of the aid  granted to them ;
  • Monitoring the activities realised by  the microcredit mechanism’s beneficiaries  ensuring compliance with the book of specifications that  connect them to the agency and assisting them, if necessary, with the institutions and agencies concerned by the implementation of their projects

As such, the agency is notably put in charge of:

  • Establishing a database on the activities and on  the beneficiaries of the device
  • advising and assisting the beneficiaries of the microcredit during the financial set-up  and the credit mobilization ;
  • Maintain ongoing relationship contact with the banks and the financial institutions within the scope of the projects’ financial setting-up, the implementation of the financing plan, and  monitoring the implementation and  operation of projects  and participate in the recovery of the outstanding debts on time;
  • Concluding agreements with any organization or institution aimed to conduct, on behalf of the agency, information campaign, actions of awareness and support to the microcredit’s beneficiaries in the implementation of their activities.
The operational network:

ANGEM is represented, at local level, by 49 agency of wilaya spread throughout the national territory, including two agency for Algiers. This coordination network is supported by accompanying cells present at the dairas level..

Aid and benefits granted to the microcredit’s beneficiaries:

  • Support, advice, and technical  assistance is provided to the beneficiaries  by ANGEM, for free, within the scope of  the  implementation of their activities :
  • The bank loan  is granted with a low interest rate supported by the beneficiaries (from 5 to 20 % of the commercial interest rate is  supported by the public revenue ;
  • An interest-free loan, equivalent to  29%  of the project overall cost may be granted if this later is does not exceed 1 000 000 DA
  • For the purchase of raw material (working capital) the interest-free  loan  is fixed at 100% of the project’s overall cost  which does not exceed 100 000 DA.


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Angem coordinate

  • National Agency for Microcredit Management "ANGEM"
  • Cité 1516 Logts (AADL) Aïn El Malha Tours N° H1-H2-H3 CP: 16105
  • Gué de constantine Alger Algérie
  • Email:  contact@angem.dz
  • Site Web: https://www.angem.dz

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